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The '''FundéuRAE''' ('''''Fundéu''''', an acronym in {{lang-es|Fundación del Español Urgente|lit=Foundation of Urgent Spanish}}) is a [[non-profit organization]] founded in 2005 in [[Madrid]], [[Spain]]. The foundation was created in collaboration with the [[Royal Spanish Academy]] (RAE), an institution that standardizes the use of [[Spanish language|Spanish]], and [[Agencia EFE]]'s Department of Urgent Spanish.<ref name=vanguardia>{{in lang|es}}. [https://www.lavanguardia.com/vida/20200916/483514628080/las-tres-instituciones-fundamentales-del-espanol-unidas-en-fundeurae.html "Las tres instituciones fundamentales del español unidas en FundéuRAE". 16/09/2020.] ''[[La Vanguardia]]''.</ref>

The foundation was created in 2004<ref name=vanguardia/> in collaboration with the [[Royal Spanish Academy]]. Chaired by that institution's then-director, [[Víctor García de la Concha]],<ref name=ruiz>{{in lang|es}}. Ruiz Mantilla, Jesús. [https://elpais.com/diario/2005/02/09/cultura/1107903613_850215.html "La agencia Efe y el BBVA crean la Fundación del Español Urgente". 9 February 2005.] ''[[El País]]''. Retrieved 22 April 2023.</ref> it took a new name, Fundéu BBVA, in 2008, before returning to its original name, FundéuRAE, in 2020.<ref name=vanguardia/>

==Board of Trustees==
As of 2020, its board of trustees comprises the director of the Royal Spanish Academy, [[Santiago Muñoz Machado]] (chair); the chairwoman of Agencia EFE, Gabriela Cañas (vice-chair); the director of [[Instituto Cervantes]], [[Luis García Montero]], and the [[Royal Spanish Academy|academicians]] [[José María Merino]], [[Soledad Puértolas]] and [[Carme Riera]], as well as [[Álex Grijelmo]] who, when chairman of EFE, set up the original Fundéu.<ref name=ruiz/>

==Word of the year==
The '''Word of the Year''' ({{lang-es|Palabra del Año}}) has been selected since 2013 by the Fundéu in collaboration with the Royal Spanish Academy. Javier Lascurain, Fundéu's subdirector and journalist explained "we are looking for a term that is representative of 2013 from the current point of view, of what has been talked about in the media, and that at the same time has a certain linguistic interest due to its formation, its origin, and its use" and announced a shortlist of twelve words.<ref>{{cite web |url=https://www.fundeu.es/noticia/y-la-palabra-del-ano-es/ |title=Selection of the word of the year 2013|author=<!--Not stated--> |date= 29 December 2013|website=fundeu.es |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>

{| class="wikitable"
! Year
! Word of the Year
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! Rationale
| 2013
| ''{{lang|es|escrache}}''<ref>{{cite web |url=https://www.elmundo.es/cultura/2013/12/30/52c14f72268e3eeb148b4579.html |title='Escrache', palabra del año para la Fundéu|author=<!--Not stated--> |date= 30 December 2013|website=elmundo.es |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>
| [[escrache]] 
| In the first months of 2013, {{lang|es|escrache}} was popularized in Spanish media due to the actions of {{lang|es|[[Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca]]|italic=no}} (Spanish for Platform for People Affected by Mortgages).
| 2014
| ''{{lang|es|selfi}}''<ref>{{cite web |url=https://www.rtve.es/noticias/20141230/selfi-elegida-palabra-del-ano-2014-para-fundeu/1076441.shtml |title='Selfi', elegida palabra del año 2014 para la Fundéu|author=<!--Not stated--> |date= 30 December 2014|website=rtve.es |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>
| [[selfie]]
| 2015
| ''{{lang|es|refugiado}}''<ref>{{cite news |url=https://elpais.com/cultura/2015/12/30/actualidad/1451471062_517027.html |title="Refugiado", palabra del año 2015 según la Fundéu|author=<!--Not stated--> |date= 30 December 2015|newspaper=El País |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>
| [[refugee]]
| The armed conflicts in [[Middle East]] countries such as [[Syria]], [[Afghanistan]], [[Iraq]] and [[Eritrea]] created a great influx of refugees fleeing war and [[persecution]] into the [[Schengen Area]]; the [[European Union]] struggled to cope with [[European migrant crisis|the crisis]].
| 2016
| ''{{lang|es|populismo}}''<ref name=bbcmundo>{{cite news |url=https://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias-38472235|title=¿Cuál es la palabra del año 2016 según la Fundéu?|author=<!--Not stated--> |date= |newspaper=BBC News Mundo |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>
| [[populism]]
| A word heavily used that year due to [[Donald Trump]]'s victory in the [[2016 United States presidential election]],<ref name=bbcmundo/> [[2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum|Brexit]]<ref name=bbcmundo/> and elections in [[2016 Spanish general election|Spain]] and Latin America.<ref name=bbcmundo/>
| 2017
| ''{{lang|es|aporofobia}}''<ref>{{cite web |url=https://www.lavanguardia.com/cribeo/cultura/20171229/47422017799/aporofobia-elegida-palabra-del-ano-por-la-fundeu-bbva.html|title="Aporofobia", elegida palabra del año por la Fundéu BBVA|author=<!--Not stated--> |date= 29 December 2017|website=lavanguardia.com |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>
| [[aporophobia]]
| First coined in the 1990s by Spanish philosopher [[Adela Cortina]], the [[Senate of Spain]] approved a motion calling for the inclusion of aporophobia as an aggravating circumstance in the Criminal Code. 
| 2018
| ''{{lang|es|microplástico}}''<ref>{{cite web |url=https://www.20minutos.es/noticia/3526850/0/microplastico-palabra-ano-2018-fundeu/|title=Microplástico, elegida palabra del año 2018 para la Fundéu|author=<!--Not stated--> |date= 29 December 2018|website=20minutos.es |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>
| [[microplastics]]
| Half of the twelve shortlisted words in 2018 were terms related to the climate change issue and its widespread before [[Greta Thunberg]]'s [[School Strike for Climate]].
| 2019
| ''{{lang|es|emoji}}''<ref>{{cite news |url=https://elpais.com/cultura/2019/12/29/actualidad/1577619527_429262.html|title=Los 'emojis', elegidos como la palabra del año 2019 por la Fundéu BBVA|author=<!--Not stated--> |date= 29 December 2019|newspaper=El País |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>
| [[emoji]]
| 2020
| ''{{lang|es|confinamiento}}''<ref>{{cite web |url=https://www.publico.es/sociedad/ano-2020-confinamiento-palabra-ano-fundeu.html|title=Confinamiento, la palabra del año para la Fundéu |author=<!--Not stated--> |date= |website=publico.es |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>
| [[lockdown]]
| 2020 was heavily defined by the [[COVID-19 pandemic]], which led to many [[COVID-19 lockdowns|restrictions]] in [[COVID-19 pandemic in Spain|Spain]] and [[COVID-19 pandemic in South America|South America]], as in the rest of the world.
| 2021
| ''{{lang|es|vacuna}}''<ref>{{cite web |url=https://www.redaccionmedica.com/virico/noticias/-vacuna-la-palabra-del-ano-2021-para-la-fundeu-4960|title='Vacuna' la palabra del año 2021 para la Fundéu |author=<!--Not stated--> |date= |website=redaccionmedica.com |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>
| [[vaccine]]
| {{lang|es|Inmunidad del rebaño}} ([[herd immunity]]) and {{lang|es|tripanofobia}} ([[aichmophobia]]) were also on the shortlist, among other terms related to [[COVID-19 pandemic]] as {{lang|es|negacionista}} (negationist) or {{lang|es|variante}} ([[Variants of SARS-CoV-2|variant]]). Also, {{lang|es|fajana}} ([[fajã]]) was a word widely used in the media due to [[2021 Cumbre Vieja volcanic eruption|the eruption of Cumbre Vieja]].
| 2022
| ''{{lang|es|inteligencia artificial}}''<ref>{{in lang|es}}. Morales, Manuel. [https://elpais.com/cultura/2022-12-29/la-palabra-del-ano-son-dos-inteligencia-artificial-segun-la-fundeurae.html "La palabra del año son dos: inteligencia artificial según la FundéuRAE". 29 December 2022.] ''[[El País]]''. Retrieved 23 April 2023.</ref>
| [[artificial intelligence]]

== References ==

* López Morales, Humberto (2007). ''Globalizacion del léxico hispánico''. Madrid: Espasa Calpe Mexicana, S.A.
* Senz Bueno, Silvia (2011). [http://addenda-et-corrigenda.blogspot.com/2012/05/fundeu-bbva-el-largo-brazo-de-la-rae-en.html "Fundéu-BBVA: el largo brazo de la RAE en los medios".] ''Addenda et Corrigenda;'' from Senz, S., and Alberte, M. (eds.): [http://www.melusina.com/libro.php?idg=47602 ''El dardo en la Academia. Esencia y vigencia de las academias de la lengua española''.] Barcelona: Melusina, pp.&nbsp;239-257.

== External links ==

* [http://www.fundeu.es/ Homepage]
* [http://www.wikilengua.org/index.php/Portada Wikilengua]
* [http://www.efe.com/esurgente/lenguaes/ Departamento de Español Urgente]
* [http://www.fundeu.es/palabra-del-anno// Word of the Year]

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{{Infobox song|name=You Can't Miss Nothing That You Never Had|cover=Ike-tina-you cant-miss-nothing.jpg|type=single|artist=[[Ike & Tina Turner]]|B-side=God Gave Me You|released=February 1964|genre=|length=2:04|label=[[Sonja Records]]|writer=[[Ike Turner]]|producer=|prev_title=If I Can't Be First|prev_year=1963|next_title=[[A Fool for a Fool|A Fool For A Fool]]|next_year=1964}}
"'''You Can't Miss Nothing That You Never Had'''" is a song written by [[Ike Turner]] and released by [[Ike & Tina Turner]] in 1964.<ref name="BB" />

== Release ==
"You Can't Miss Nothing That You Never Had" was released as non-album track on Ike Turner's [[Sonja Records|Sonja]] label in February 1964. At the time of the release, ''[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]]'' magazine had discontinued the [[Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs|R&B singles]] chart from November 30, 1963 to January 23, 1965. ''Billboard'' therefore uses ''[[Cashbox (magazine)|Cash Box]]'' magazine's stat in their place.<ref>{{Cite book|last=Whitburn, Joel.|title=Joel Whitburn presents top R & B/hip-hop singles, 1942–2004|date=2004|publisher=Record Research Inc|others=Whitburn, Joel.|isbn=0-89820-160-8|location=Menomonee Falls, Wis.|pages=13|oclc=56929854}}</ref> The single reached No. 29 on the R&B charts and No. 122 on [[Bubbling Under Hot 100|Bubbling Under The Hot 100]].<ref name=":2">{{Cite web|url=https://www.musicvf.com/song.php?title=You+Can%27t+Miss+Nothing+That+You+Never+Had+by+Ike+&+Tina+Turner&id=62529|title=You Can't Miss Nothing That You Never Had (song by Ike & Tina Turner)|website=Music VF, US & UK hits charts}}</ref><ref name=":1">{{Cite magazine|date=February 8, 1964|title=Bubbling Under The Hot 100|url=https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Billboard/60s/1964/Billboard-1964-02-08.pdf|magazine=Billboard|pages=29}}</ref>

"You Can't Miss Nothing That You Never Had" was later included on the [[Kent Records|Kent]] compilations ''The Ike & Tina Turner Sessions'' (1987) and ''[[The Soul of Ike & Tina#The Kent Years|The Kent Years]]'' (2000).<ref>{{Cite web|title=The Kent Years – Ike & Tina Turner {{!}} Songs, Reviews, Credits|url=https://www.allmusic.com/album/the-kent-years-mw0000608154|website=AllMusic|language=en-us|access-date=September 18, 2019}}</ref>

== Critical reception ==
{{Album ratings
| rev1 = ''[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]]''
| rev1score = {{Rating|4|4}}<ref name="BB">{{Cite magazine|url=https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Billboard/60s/1964/Billboard%201964-02-15.pdf|title=Singles Reviews – Popular|date=February 15, 1964|magazine=Billboard|pages=24|language=en-us}}</ref>
| rev2 = ''[[Cash Box]]''
| rev2Score = B+ <ref name="CB">{{Cite journal|url=https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Cash-Box/60s/1964/CB-1964-02-15.pdf|title=Record reviews|date=February 15, 1964|journal=Cash Box|page=14}}</ref>
''Cash Box'' (February 15, 1964): The vet r&b singers could create a sales stir with this top-flight medium-paced tear-jerker with commercial rhythmic, teen-angled beat. Eye it.<ref name="CB" />

== Track listing ==
{{Track listing
| all_writing = Ike Turner
| title1 = You Can't Miss Nothing That You Never Had
| length1 = 2:04
| title2 = God Gave Me You
| length2 = 2:15
| length3 =
| length4 =
| length5 =
| total_length =

== Covers ==
* [[The Detroit Cobras]] released a version titled "Can't Miss Nothing" on their 2001 album ''[[Life, Love and Leaving]]''<ref>{{Cite web|title=Cover versions of Can't Miss Nothing by The Detroit Cobras {{!}} SecondHandSongs|url=https://secondhandsongs.com/performance/75162/versions|website=secondhandsongs.com|access-date=September 18, 2019}}</ref>

== Chart performance ==
{| class="wikitable"
!Chart (1964)
!Peak<br />position
|US ''Billboard'' [[Bubbling Under Hot 100]]<ref name=":1" />
| align="center" |122
|US [[Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs|''Billboard'' R&B Singles]]<ref name=":2" />
| align="center" |29
|US ''[[Cashbox (magazine)|Cash Box]]'' Top 50 R&B<ref>{{Cite journal|date=March 28, 1964|title=Top 50 In R&B Locations|url=https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Cash-Box/60s/1964/CB-1964-03-28.pdf|journal=Cash Box|pages=28}}</ref>
| align="center" |29

== References ==
<references />

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